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assignment (countable and uncountable, pluralassignments)

  1. The act of assigning; the allocation of a job or a set of tasks.
    This flow chart represents the assignment of tasks in our committee.
  2. The categorization of something as belonging to a specific category.
    We should not condone the assignment of asylum seekers to that of people smugglers.
  3. An assignedtask.
    The assignment the department gave him proved to be quite challenging.
  4. A position to which someone is assigned.
    Unbeknownst to Mr Smith, his new assignment was in fact a demotion.
  5. (education) A task given to students, such as homework or coursework.
    Mrs Smith gave out our assignments, and said we had to finish them by Monday.
  6. (law) A transfer of something from one person to another, especially property, or a claim or right.
    The assignment of the lease has not been finalised yet.
  7. (law) A document that effects this transfer.
    Once you receive the assignment in the post, be sure to sign it and send it back as soon as possible.
  8. (computing) An operation that assigns a value to a variable.



act of assigning; allocation of tasks

Typically a task given to students

document that effects this transfer

operation(s) that assign a value to a variable

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Assignments Help Australian Student

  • For a class assignment, Temple undergrads Maryvic Perez and Unique Ratcliff tried to interview a local worker at Dilworth Park on Monday.

    —chris brennan,, "College students' free speech trampled at Philly City Hall's front yard | Clout,"16 Feb. 2018

  • Valparaiso, with Walker drawing the primary assignment, limited Illinois State standout Milik Yarbrough to 10 points, though the junior forward added 10 rebounds and five assists.

    —michael osipoff, Post-Tribune, "'E' is for Evelyn — and effort: Valparaiso snaps Illinois State's win streak,"12 Feb. 2018

  • The first committee assignment is usually about the policy, not the money.

    —dan sweeney,, "Power Lunch: Big day in D.C. as Trump rolls out infrastructure plan, Senate debates immigration,"12 Feb. 2018

  • Mason, who is in third grade, started working on his assignments right away on Thursday, Ceisel said.

    —emily k. coleman, Lake County News-Sun, "Gurnee District 56 tries out remote learning to keep snow day counted as an attendance day,"12 Feb. 2018

  • The network said his assignment ended with the opening ceremony.

    —, "NBC Apologizes to South Koreans for Analyst’s Remark,"11 Feb. 2018

  • The network said his assignment at the Olympics is now over.

    —CBS News, "Winter Olympics: NBC apologizes to South Koreans for analyst's remark about Japan,"11 Feb. 2018

  • Again, there is no basis in the regulations for the assignment of a special counsel to a counterintelligence investigation.

    —andrew c. mccarthy, National Review, "‘Delegitimizing’ Mueller? Don’t Blame the Nunes Memo,"7 Feb. 2018

  • Given the short notice, teachers will prepare as much as possible for assignments to be completed at home.

    —anna beahm,, "Marshall County Schools closing until next week after high level of flu-related absences,"6 Feb. 2018

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